For convenience, tuition is payable in equal monthly installments. It is based on the number of lesson weeks per year, not on the number of lessons per month which varies. Tuition is prorated when a student begins or withdraws. The prorated amount will be calculated by the office. Monthly class fees are collected via easy, no-hassle pre-authorized debit/credit card payment and are set up at registration.

Additional Group Class Discounts

2nd class 25% discount
3rd class 40% discount
4th class 50% discount
5th class 50% discount
6th class 60% discount
7th class 70% discount
8th & up class 80% discount
  • The more group classes you take, the more you save.
  • Siblings receive a $10 discount on their first group class.
  • Students may mix and match classes between departments.
  • Students are encouraged to take advantage of Additional Group Class Discounts for maximum value and progress.
  • Discounts apply to the shorter length classes.

Monthly Tuition Rates 2016 – 17

Program Time Duration Tuition Payments
Private lessons 30, 45, 60 min / week year-round (45 weeks) $108, $158, $206 12 (monthly)
Group Voice or Group Strings 45 min / week year-round (45 weeks) $58 12 (monthly)
Music Pups 45 min / week year-round (40 weeks) $58 12 (monthly)
Young Musicians 45 min / week Sept - June (36 weeks) $58 10 (monthly)
Group piano (MYC) 55 min / week Sept - June (36 weeks) $83 10 (monthly)
Musical Theatre
Musical theatre 55 min / week Sept - June (36 weeks) $63 10 (monthly)
Dance classes 30, 45, 55 min / week Sept - June (36 weeks) $50, $58, $63 10 (monthly)
Private lessons 30 min / week Sept - June (36 weeks) $108 10 (monthly)
Semi-private lessons (duos / trios) 30 min / week Sept - June (36 weeks) $65 10 (monthly)
Dance team   Sept - June (36 weeks) Call for info
Gymnastics classes 45, 55, 70 min / week year-round (45 weeks) $58, $63, $75 12 (monthly)
Birthday parties
Music, Dance, or Gymnastics Saturday / Sunday afternoons $165, or $145 for current WCA families

In addition to tuition, there is a non-refundable annual administration fee of $30, $15 sibling due upon initial enrollment and on September 1 of each year thereafter. This fee helps to offset the administrative cost of maintaining student(s) in our studio-class-management system each year and helps keep the monthly tuition costs lower. The administration fee also goes toward helping offset some of the costs of our recitals, insurance, ASCAP music license fees, and academy communication costs – all separate expenses from class tuition.

We provide our students and parents with customer service from 10:00 a.m. to closing every day with full-time receptionist help. The office staff is available so that you may call at any time to have your questions answered, and the teachers can concentrate on teaching. Our teachers do not handle administrative issues so they can be free to concentrate on student instruction.

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