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Update 08/06/2020

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Hello from West Chester Academy, the place so many families rely on to provide quality learning opportunities in the arts, nurture friendships, and teach artistic skills to their children. As we approach the beginning of a new academic year, we know that families are making decisions about what to do for their children, both for school and for enrichment classes. In these challenging times, children's social and educational opportunities have taken a big hit. Today more than ever, we are here to provide continuity of instruction for your children - and options for families!

WCA has invested heavily in measures to keep the academy safe for students and staff. Not only do we adhere to all state and local safety guidelines for our industry, but we have gone above and beyond. Some of the additional measures we have put in place include:

Though these measures have been quite costly, the continued safety of our students and staff is worth it. Our number one objective is for our students to be safe so they are free to enjoy and be enriched by their studies at WCA! The Butler County Health Department has expressed their appreciation for our continued efforts to support community health by offering a variety of ways for students to attend classes safely in person or online. After all, health is not just about avoiding sickness. It's also about building strong bodies, minds, and hearts - something that happens in each and every class at WCA! Your presence each week does not go unnoticed. We look forward to seeing you soon, in person or online!

WCA Learning Hub

We introduced the WCA Learning Hub as an alternative for parents who are not quite ready to send their children back to school and not fully prepared to host learning at home. Students will secure their own virtual learning program from their school or other online courses. Our Academic Monitors will circulate and assist with concepts or questions students may have. They will help to ensure a schedule is followed, assignments are being completed, and students are engaged with their virtual classes.

Evidence suggests that increased physical exercise helps improve academic performance, so as part of their daily curriculum, students will have a structured physical fitness class. The gym is fully sanitized between each group's gym session. Students may also take advantage of supplemental enrichment options including lessons in piano, guitar, voice, violin, drums, acting, and more! Call for more information.

Dance update

We are so excited to get our new dance season started the week of August 3, 2020. As this new academic year begins, we are providing students with many options. Contact us for more details about any of these options.

1. In person

  • Smaller class sizes for optimal social distancing
  • Temperature checks and hand sanitizing procedures for everyone entering the building
  • Face masks for faculty and staff
  • Enhanced cleaning throughout the academy
  • No one in the lobbies except for students going to and from class
  • Secure online viewing of live classes for parents via the Spot TV app
  • Mopping the dance floors between each class with a medical grade disinfectant

2. Distance learning

  • Learn safely from home with live-streamed classes via our new multi-camera set up in each dance studio, allowing distance learning students to participate with in-house students throughout the entire year or until they are comfortable coming IN PERSON. With the multi-camera set up, the student will view the class from the same perspective as an in person participant, plus they will be able to see the teacher in a small window on their screen. (The attached photo shows an example of how this will look.)
  • Great for students who are immunocompromised, or who have opted for virtual learning at school this year and would like to extend that option to extracurricular activities.
  • Great for students who usually come IN PERSON, but occasionally need to stay home due to illness. We are, in fact, requesting all students to stay home and join online whenever they are feeling under the weather for the safety of the other students and teachers. The distance learning option makes this a simple and seamless transition week to week.

Gymnastics update

The gym has been open for in person classes since early July following several months of virtual classes. Students have been so happy to be back in the gym, and the coaches have done a stellar job of maintaining safety procedures. We are providing students with many options for classes. Contact us for more details about any of these options!

1. In Person

2. Video on Demand

We have recently provided a series of pre-recorded Videos-on-Demand for gymnastics students. These supplemental videos provide a great way for students to stay active and engaged when they can't be here in person. Students may even take the same pre-recorded class over and over for extra practice and safe conditioning at home. Additionally, these pre-recorded classes will provide a great option for students who need to stay home due to illness.

3. Distance Learning

We have also created live, interactive weekly online classes allowing students to participate throughout the year or until they are comfortable coming IN PERSON. Though students do not have use of the equipment, they are still able to meet with a coach, get live feedback, and stay active! If you would like this option for your child, please call in to get the schedule, details, and the link to join. It is also great for students who generally come IN PERSON, but occasionally need to stay home due to illness. We are, in fact, requesting all students to stay home and join online whenever they are feeling under the weather for the safety of the other students and teachers. Distance learning makes this a simple and seamless transition week to week. Just call in for the link if you need it either ongoing or for an occasional time.

Music update

Most of our private music students have been returned to in person lessons, though some have continued to successfully use our online option for live interactive lessons. Music recitals are scheduled for Friday – Sunday, August 21-23 at the Chapel at Liberty Centre, the venue we have used for many years.

Here are the modifications that will be in effect to create a safe recital experience for those who attend:

Music for Young Children (MYC)

Music for Young Children is a group keyboard class that runs from mid-August through May of each year. Level 1 classes (for beginners) are now forming. Class sizes are always small for MYC, and the piano based curriculum is a great opportunity for students to learn the fundamentals and experience the joy of music education. Call today to reserve your spot.

Specialty classes

West Chester Academy offers several specialty classes that run from mid-August through May. All classes are meeting in person and enrollment will be kept deliberately low to allow for social distancing in our classroom space, while also encouraging healthy socialization and peer interaction. Contact us for more details on the following classes, and how the curriculum is being adjusted to allow for the ongoing health and safety of all participants.

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