"Darby's Dancers" free dance classes for children with special needs

Classes begin the first full week of August. For convenience, the yearly tuition is divided into equal monthly installments.

What it is:

Darby's Dancers was started to honor the memory of Darby Emma Jones who lost her life to leukemia at the age of 14. Born with Down syndrome, a heart defect, and leukemia, Darby lived a life full of passion, kindness, bravery, optimism, perseverance, loyalty, and a love of dance. Darby’s Dancers carries on her beautiful legacy by providing an opportunity for children with special needs to participate in the performing arts through dance education. You can read more about Darby's love of music and dance at the Darby's Dancers website.

At once-a-week classes, Darby's Dancers learn all types of dance in a fun, encouraging atmosphere. Dancers in the program gain confidence, coordination, strength and lifelong friends, all while feeling like a star. Darby's Dancers also provides volunteer opportunities for teens. Youth volunteers learn important lessons in responsibility and friendship by providing one-on-one assistance to a special needs dancer, all while sharing what they love.

When it is:

Saturday at 2:15 p.m.

Class length:

30 minutes


Academy t-shirt provided by West Chester Academy and black pants


The volunteer component is an integral aspect of Darby’s Dancers. Volunteers are accomplished dancers at West Chester Academy who make a half hour commitment per week to partner with a special needs child and help them during class by modeling dance steps and assisting with following directions. Volunteers and students form close relationships and often become like part of each other’s families. The goal is not perfection. The goal is for each dancer to find joy in dance and performing.





You can sponsor a Darby's Dancer...

Bring the joy of dance and the performing arts to a special needs child! This special program relies on charitable donations to provide dance classes, class supplies, dance attire, dance shoes, and recital costumes to special needs families at no cost. Contact West Chester Academy to donate to Darby's Dancers.

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