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Dance classes

Looking for jazz or hip-hop dance classes or ballet lessons for your child? Or maybe a fun new way to work out? West Chester Academy has a dance class for everyone, and classes are offered at all levels from preschool to adult.

Our positive and encouraging teachers are always mentoring the next generation to develop a lifelong love of the art of dance. Each class is based on a sound curriculum that is designed to provide students with the highest quality dance education possible. Our dancers are further taught important life skills as they progress: patience, diligence, poise, confidence, respect, the importance of giving back, and team work.

Performances are given at least twice a year, and sometimes more as opportunities arise in the community. Costumes and choreography are always age appropriate. The dance season follows an academy calendar with 48 weekly lessons/ performances year round.

Dance Bun Tutorial

Current dance classes

Dance classes 2 - 6

ages 2 - 6

We specialize in beginners, offering dance classes for all young children who love to jump, leap, twirl, and move to music!

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Dance classes 6 - 9

ages 6 - 9

We offer a variety of ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop classes for older kids. Classes are based on age group.

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Dance classes 9+

ages 9 & up

We offer a wide variety of dance classes for ages 9+ such as: ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, and acro jazz. See tabs below for additional information on ballet programs.

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Classes for adults

ages 17 & up

Come have some fun with other adults your age learning ballet. These small and fun classes are a great way to get exercise too!

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ages 9 & up

The basis of all types of dance, we offer intensive ballet instruction for all skill levels, beginner through advanced.

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Think you have what it takes? Our competitive teams are by invitation only for experienced dancers.

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Darby's Dancers

Special Needs

Provides dance classes to children with special needs at no cost to their parents.

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