"Can’t Stop the Beat" Dance Recital Info

Saturday, June 12, 2021

at West Chester Academy 8107 Market Place Drive, West Chester, OH 45069

This is an exciting time of year as we head toward the Dance Recital, “Can’t Stop the Beat” on Saturday, June 12, 2021 right here at West Chester Academy! We chose the theme Can’t Stop the Beat this year because we wanted to commemorate the resilience and determination that has been displayed time and again by our students, parents, teachers, and staff. Everyone has worked together to find solutions to allow our kids to keep dancing, growing, and thriving. This year has been quite a journey, but here we are making final preparations for the June recital and eagerly anticipating the performances of all the amazing West Chester Academy dance students. Thank you one and all for helping us get to this point and for supporting our procedures and safety protocols throughout this year.

ARRIVAL: For your child's performance time(s),please see link above for the 2021 Dance Recital Times & Order. We ask that students arrive 20 minutes before their performance time(s) listed in the left column on the Dance Recital Times & Order. They will be directed to enter the building through the side door where they will have a professional photo taken and then be lined up ready to perform at the time listed. All dancers should arrive in full costume, hair and makeup done, and ready to perform, except for their dance shoes. Please plan to carry dance shoes to change into once students enter the building for pictures. Please call 829-2345 if you have any questions.

Instructions for hair, makeup, tights, and shoes:

Unless directed otherwise, hair, make up, tights and shoes instructions are as follows:

  • Girls wear red-tone lipstick, blush, eye shadow (not blue), eyeliner, and mascara
  • Boys, a little blush works well
  • Girls wear their hair pulled ba​ck in a high bun in all recital times before 6 p.m. Classes that perform after 6pm should wear a low bun with a middle part. Please see your teacher for suggestions if you have very short hair.
  • Wear the color of tights and shoes required for your class(es). Purchasing a new pair of clean tights for recital always enhances pictures and the look on stage.
  • PARKING:  As the front parking lot will be our stage and audience area, there will not be parking available in front of the building. We ask everyone to park across the street by Chase Bank, Creme de la Creme, or in our north parking lot.

    DANCER INFORMATION:  One parent should accompany each dancer through the dancer queue. The dancer queue will begin at the tent set up near the front right corner of the building (northeast corner), where a staff member will be checking in dancers at the appropriate time for each performance. Students will then be directed to enter WCA at Door #2 (the side door on the north side of the building). Upon entering the building, students will be able to change into their dance shoes, and will then go into the “Big Room” for their photo. Please have your photo order form and payment completed prior to arrival to hand to the photographer. From the “Big Room", dancers will be lined up in the “on deck” area, while the accompanying parent will take street shoes and any other dancer belongings, exit through the front doors, and join other immediate family members to watch their child’s routine. If students are in more than one routine, they will go back through this “loop” for each routine, beginning again at the check in tent. Please plan to do simple skirt and shoe changes outside. If a dancer requires a complete costume change, they may re-enter the queue at the tent, but will instead enter the building through Door #1 on the map and go to Studio C to change.

    Each dancer will be receiving a commemorative Dance Recital T-Shirt on Recital Day as well as a ticket for a free frozen treat! If you would like additional tickets for a frozen treat, tickets may be purchased for $2 each by cash only.

    AUDIENCE INFORMATION: We invite each dancer’s immediate family members to join us for this special experience. Once your dancer and accompanying adult enter the dancer queue, you are welcome to remain in your vehicle or in the grassy, shaded areas around WCA until close to your performance time. It will be a standing recital, but considering the audience will only be there for their own child’s routine(s), it shouldn’t be too long. We welcome families to take their own videos of this memorable moment as a keepsake and to share with others who are not in attendance. At the conclusion of each routine, dancers will be met by a parent while the audience clears to the side, and the next class and audience will move into place.

    In the event of rain, we will wait until the storm system passes, and then resume as soon as we are able. If that happens, we will immediately put a post on westchesteracademy.com to let everyone know that we are behind schedule and by how much so they can delay coming to the academy. However, the schedule has been padded sufficiently that we should be able to catch up.

    And so, without missing a beat, we enter into home stretch of recital preparation. Here’s to a great recital featuring the amazing talents and skills of the WCA dance students!

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